Serkan Altuniğne

He was born in Istanbul in 1977. He went to  Süleyman Demirel University construction technician department  and amazingly he graduated from the 2 year faculty within 2 years!  After working at various construction companies for a period after school, she decided to pursue her childhood dream. He achieved this dream with the establishment of Penguen magazine in 2002. He worked as an illustrator in Penguen from 2002 until 2017, when the magazine was closed. Cartoons 1-2-3 and step-by-step guides, and comic books BOBO were published. Meanwhile, he drew long stories for Lombak and bone magazines. Recep İvedik, - the record breaker movie-  in 2007 and 2008, wrote the screenplay for 7 films, including 1 and 2.