gis atölye supports brands to achieve the "golden ratio"  where managing personnel has become both a science and an art, and having happy and healthy teams while running towards business goals.

gis atölye is founded by communication and marketing professionals who have been serving corporate companies for many years. The objective is to help them overcome the 4 obvious obstacles they face in their internal dynamics:



Staff Loyalty
Staff Loyalty

Especially among z generation.

Developing  Competencies
Developing Competencies

Making employees adopt to the needs of the era.

Happy individuals, productive teams.
Happy individuals, productive teams.

Creating productive teams with happy and healthy individuals.

Creating the harmony
Creating the harmony

Establishing the communication between workers from different generations.

It is necessary to create a "common language" between the z generation, which has just entered business life, and the generation x and the previous generation trying to adopt digital transformation. Today, Generation Z has taken its place in companies as employees. These new generation employees have their own needs, they demand employers who are aware of their creativity and abilities, care about them and allow them to develop. The employer, on the other hand, expects a sustainable employment management and goals achieved.

The gis workshop creates trainings that will strengthen the adaptation of employees to digital business life, as well as workshops that will adapt the generation z to business life and ensure the integration of the teams.

gis atölye is different because ...

It focuses on usable practical knowledge, not theoretical training. Supports knowledge with application. It aims to create a catchy experience with different options.

The workshops are designed by communicators with corporate experience, together with the HR teams of client.. In this process, the company's business and external goals are guarded.

It meets all the needs of internal communication and education departments by focusing on different areas. It gives the answer to the question of what different activities can be done.



gis atölye;  aims to be the only contact point that offers 360-degree services for the human resources and organizational development departments of companies by bringing together different options in wellness, arts, teamwork, professional development and employee activities.

gis atölye determines a strategy that will help the brand achieve its goals and meet its needs while selecting and designing the workshops specific to your company.

In this direction, you can choose from the existing workshop menu, or a series of workshops or workshops specific to your institution can be designed.

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