Şahin Ekşioğlu

About science, technology and the future for 22 years; Şahin Ekşioğlu, who wrote articles in newspapers, magazines and websites and spoke in radio / TV programs and panels, received his bachelor's degree from Istanbul University Conservatory, and his master's degree in Marmara University Journalism Department, Department of Informatics. Information Press PC Magazine with stepped after 15 hardware test editor of Chip magazine throughout the year and editorial director who Ekşioğlu, since 2012, Doğan Burda Magazine is making the Chief of Popular Science Turkey magazine under the roof and at the same time Howe is among the most important publications in popular science It He is also responsible for Works and All About Space magazines. Şahin Ekşioğlu, who has been the guest of the panel titled “How Science Will Change Our Lives in the Future” with the Popular Science team in more than 30 universities across the country since 2013, is also an aquarist and musician. Ekşioğlu, who is married and has two children, one is 17 years old and the other is 7 years old, is still continuing his doctorate at ITU MİAM (Center for Advanced Studies in Music), trying to improve himself in understanding the effects of art and especially music on the human brain.