Gökhan Avcı

Although he works in architectural fields such as restoration, application and planning after graduating from the architecture faculty; He specialized mainly on ecological architecture. He consolidated his talents on ecology and sustainability in the "sustainable living collective" of which he was one of the founders. After working as an architect for a short time, he switched to the world of e-commerce because he believed that architecture is an important discipline that can turn dreams into reality as well as marketing and especially wanted to be a part of the digital world. As of 2010-2011, he entered the digital marketing world by taking part in the founding team of ofix.com. Until the end of 2016, he managed all digital and conventional marketing processes and product management discipline of the ofix.com brand as the marketing director. Subsequently, he took over the responsibility of the General Manager of the Kalemlik.com website for nearly 3 years. For nearly 2 years, she has focused on Strategic Marketing, Product Management and Customer Experience, and continues her training and consultancy studies to assist organizations. He takes valuable responsibilities for institutions and positions of different scales. In addition to all these, he has been working intensively on "Minimalist Life" for about 6 years.