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Ahmet Usta

Ahmet Usta, who started his professional career by writing game technologies for game magazines, is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Space Engineering Department and Yıldız Technical University MBA program. Different companies in the IT executive who began his journalism career with a Masters Infomag magazine in 2009 and later continued with Businessweek Turkey.

In the meantime, he translated the book "The Startup Owner's Manual" into Turkish and invented the word "Competition".

He continued his journalism career as a manager at Techinside. He established print and digital media channels at different scales. It was included in the Fintech Istanbul Platform in 2016.

He started doing research and writing on block-chain . In 2017, he founded his own consultancy company, Mercek Tech.

His book, Block-chain 101, was published.

In addition to continuing to serve in the field of corporate journalism, Ahmet continues to provide training on Block-chain.