Dr. Burak Karabey

Burak Karabey completed his undergraduate education in 2001 at Dokuz Eylül University Buca Education Faculty Mathematics Education Department. In 2003, he received his master's degree from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Mathematics. In the same university, she received her doctorate degree in the Primary Education Mathematics Education Doctorate Program of the Institute of Educational Sciences with her thesis titled "Determination of the Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Levels of Gifted Students". He worked as a lecturer in the Department of Elementary Mathematics Education between 2004-2010. Later, he started working as an assistant professor in the Special Education Department in 2011 and continued to serve as the founding president of the Gifted Education Department. Between the years 2010-2015 has taken place in Turkey as a partner in many different projects supported by the European Union and the Erasmus Program has carried out a large number of teacher training. She has worked on "Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, Mathematics Education, Giftedness / Ability, Social acceptance and integration". Karabey, who founded the Child Development Academy (ÇoGa) for the Education of Gifted and Talented Individuals, is still actively working in this project and conducting programs for gifted children to receive education at the university. Finally, she is working with an interdisciplinary working group on STEM-based activities and programs for (special) talented students.