Dr. Alp Sirman

After graduating from C errahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, he studied Emergency Medicine. By establishing emergency response centers in the newly developing regions in the periphery of the city in Istanbul, he started to provide services such as home health services, Laboratory and X-ray to the people living here. He still continues to provide health services to institutions and individuals at home and abroad. He taught building information at Yıldız Technical University for a long time on the relationship between design and human, which he became interested in observing design problems in home injuries. Currently, Sabancı continues to provide education on architecture and design at ITU.

In addition to these lectures, he makes presentations to architectural offices on the relationship between design and performance, and writes and talks in architectural magazines. He continues to give trainings to metropolitan municipalities on the creation of healthy cities after the work I have done due to the relationship between human and environment. These trainings include changing the transportation model, reducing air pollution, easy access to healthy foods, and creating green walkable cities.

Dr. Sirman explains his aim as "To inform about the Exposome, that is, in the field of science that studies the issues that affect our health from prenatal to death". The Human Syndrome book he wrote for this purpose was published in November 2019, and the Health Balloons book, which deals with media distortions in the field of health, was published in March 2020.

He continues to write in Populer Science Magazine with great happiness since 2019. In this context, he participates in various interviews, podcasts and speeches.

Kültür Radio and Television organizes a weekly program about current problems and their solutions. Telemedicine, that is remote medicine, is another area of interest. He is mentoring a startup that evaluates a urine strip by taking a photo or chips attached to the phone. He also participated in the project of the application started in our country on remote cardiology monitoring.