Ahmet Kırtok

Ahmet Kırtok worked in different positions as a professional manager, consultant and entrepreneur in the internet sector since 1997. Kırtok, who has been working in the e-commerce sector in the USA for about 12 years, started his career as an e-commerce consultant in the "Small Business Administration", which is a state institution in the USA, continued with entrepreneurship, and after successfully selling his first e-commerce venture in 2008, he is still Adanus, Inc., located in York. He founded an e-commerce consultancy firm. In Turkey he founded  a digital publishing company named eticaretmag.co & a digital agency called Pradma and  listelist.com 


Kırtok, who received his undergraduate education on mechanical engineering, completed his master's degree in Manegement Information Systems at Texas Tech University.


Ahmet currently advises local and global companies and teaches at Bilgi University's MBA department .