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Yeliz Saygıner

Yeliz Saygınar, who is a graduate of Ege University Psychology Department, worked as technical support, editing and publication planning at Eksen Publishing in Istanbul in 2000. After supporting the organization and management of the book campaign for schools at TOÇEV-C Blok Yayıncılık, she worked at Remzi Kitabevi and İş Bankası Culture Publications, respectively, between 2004-2015. Saygınar, who worked as an instructor by organizing various workshops with guidance and origami for children at İşbank Museum in 2015-2018, has been continuing to prepare the origami page of İş Bankası Kumbara Magazine since 2012. Continuing to work voluntarily in NGOs, Yeliz received training on diction-dubbing-dubbing (Başkent Education Sciences Academy and MEB Diploma) and poi dance.